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Image by Elmer Cañas

Branding Projects

As a graphic designer, I have worked on myriad branding projects over the years, both for clients who were looking to revamp their existing brand image and those who were launching a new brand into the market. My approach is always to be client-focused, listening to what they have to say and building a visual identity that accurately represents their brand. Below is a collection of some of my most successful projects.

Rushing Trading Company

Selected Brand Purposal

As a graphic designer at Mighty 8th Media, I had the pleasure of proposing a brand for the new gourmet coffee shop in Sugar Hill, Georgia. Rushing Trading Company is known for their organic coffee, fine brunch, cocktails, loose leaf teas, and craft espresso. See below for more information about the branding project and how we brought their vision to life.

Pinnacle Bank

Designing for Pinnacle Bank has been an amazing opportunity for me to showcase my design skills. I've had the pleasure of partnering with them for several years now and have designed numerous projects, such as collateral pieces that convey their brand value and help them stand out in a competitive market. Alongside their continued partnership, I am excited to see their ongoing brand and website development.

Retained Client Relationship


Brand Proposal

The McGee Group entrusted Mighty 8th to create a new brand that captured the essence of classic southern style. We worked closely with their team to develop a unique, yet recognizable identity that would resonate with their audience. The result was a cohesive and timeless brand that quickly became a hit among their customers.

Rods Readers

Brand Proposal

At the heart of every great brand is a story waiting to be told. My design philosophy revolves around capturing this story in a visual language that inspires customers. Recently, I worked with The McGee Group to create a brand that honored their founder's legacy and spoke to the values they hold dear. From crafting a color palette to creating a unique logo, I take pride in bringing your vision to life and making it a reality.

Bed Head, Hot Tool & Revlon

Branding Assets 

I have had the incredible opportunity to work with Helen of Troy and create marketing materials for some of their biggest brands. While working at Mighty 8th Media I designed display ad campaigns, commercials, and social media campaigns for these prestigious brands.  Collaborating closely with Maddi True, another talented designer at Mighty 8th Media, we devised a compelling social media campaign that highlighted the unique features of our client's products. 

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