Brand Creation & Support

Brand Proposals


As a designer at Mighty 8th Media, I had the opportunity to propose a brand for the brick and mortar location of a new gourmet coffee shop in Sugar Hill, north of Atlanta, Georgia. Started by a talented mother-daughter duo. Rushing Trading Company is known for organic coffee, fine brunch, cocktails, loose leaf tea & craft espresso.



While at Mighty 8th I have had the opportunity to enhance existing brands and creating supporting assets for different clients. 

Pinnacle Bank 

Pinnacle Bank is a  2 billion dollar bank located in Elberton, Georgia, and has 20+ branches. Pinnacle has been and pillar in several communities across Georgia for many years. Mighty 8th has had an ongoing partnership with Pinnacle bank for several years I have had the opportunity to design their new website (coming soon) several social media campaigns, interior signage for all branches, several collateral pieces, and general ongoing brand and website assistance.



Bed Head, Hot Tools & Revlon

Helen of Troy houses several large brands and they contracted Mighty 8th Media to work on several display ad campaigns, commercials, and social media campaigns. I photographed a few flat lays of products to purpose to the brand manager of Bed Head. I worked closely with Maddi True another designer at M8th to create a few GIFs for their social media campaign.


Hot Tools Travel Dryer

This is part of a display ad and social media campaign.